About us

Refined line is a newly emerging, UK based web development and design company. We are located in East Anglia and specialise in affordable solutions for small and medium sized companies, however can cater for any scenario.

Why Us?

We believe effective and professional web solutions should be affordable to everyone, not just large corporations. We are a small company and therefore understand what smaller, local companies require.

Hosting plans

We host all our websites on our own server, this ensures each and every website can be fully monitored and maintained by us for free! Due to being a smaller company with a more select clientele, we are able to provide one to one support to you. This is yet another benefit of hosting your website on our server.

Our server is located in the UK - do not be tempted by cheaper services hosted in the US, most of the time these will provide a slow and unreliable service with very poor customer relations.

Below We have a selection of our hosting plans. To host your website on our server, or to discuss with us your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Standard Advanced E-Commerce Ultimate
Description Perfect for most scenarios, this package is ideal for personal or business websites. Providing a fast, powerful and reliable service. This is the answer when the standard package is just not enough; Large storage capacity and bandwidth, ideal for large databases and hosting video. The solution to your shopping sites every need, huge monthly bandwidth perfectly suited to dealing with lots of visitors. As the name suggests, this is the ultimate. Ideal for hosting large files; Massive storage and bandwidth. Combine all this with our servers great reliability and you have a truly amazing package.
Storage 2GB 10GB 5GB 20GB
Monthly Bandwidth 10GB 30GB 100GB 300GB
Email Addresses 3 10 20 Unlimited
My SQL Databases 2 5 10 Unlimited
Price £ 2.50 Per month £ 5.00 Per Month £ 10.00 Per Month £ 25.00 Per Month